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What is Scheduling Guidance?

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Scheduling Guidance is a feature that gives you suggestions on how to increase your chance of matching before you even schedule. Sometimes a 15-minute change in your time range is all it takes to match with a co-worker, resulting in a better Scoop experience for you and more matches across the Scoop community!

When will I see Scheduling Guidance? 

After you enter your preferred carpool role,  addresses, and your time range, we'll take a look at your trip request as a whole. Then, if appropriate, we'll offer a suggestion that will increase your chance to match in a carpool before you schedule. Take a look below:


If the suggestion we provide works for you, you can easily update your trip request with a single tap by pressing the "Update request" button in the suggestion box. This will alter your trip request to match the suggestion. 

What if the suggestion doesn’t work for me? 

You can always ignore a suggestion if it doesn’t fit your needs. While accepting a suggestion increases your chance of matching, ignoring a suggestion doesn't negatively affect your chances of getting in a carpool. 

How often will I see a suggestion? 

You’ll only see a suggestion in the cases where we feel that it is applicable. 

What if I don’t see a suggestion? 

If you don't see a suggestion, don't worry; that means your trip is already on the right track!

One last thing: accepting a suggestion doesn't guarantee that we'll match you in a carpool, as we still need to collect everyone else's trip requests and run our matching algorithm to be able to determine carpools. 

That’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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